Lines launch operations

Marine logistics delivery of goods

RCM have had a lot to do with transportation of goods and personal to ships within the ports of Gladstone and Rockhampton. RCM travels as far as Heron Island and Wilson Island to cater for the needs of remote deliveries and also has been in the position to support Heron Island with a crew boat for the transfer of workers while Wilson Island was being refurbished last year.

The majority of our support goes to the vessels at the outer anchorages off Gladstone and Port Alma. We deliver critical equipment and food to ships when they have an un expected wait time for cargo at berth.

Surveyors are also relying on launches to inspect the ship bins before berthing.

RCM makes every transfer at sea a trip of comfort and safety.

We also deliver large quantities of product to the APLNG and GLNG gas ships on their arrival to Curtis Island within the Gladstone Harbour. Theseships are state of the art and they expect state of the art service and delivery which RCM accommodate.

RCM also transfer crew to the Smit Lamnalco Tugs, which are on standby at Curtis Island during the LNG ship gas loading.

So with the Landing barge, we are able to moor in shallow waters where we maintain Tide Island, which is owned by Santos.

RCM is basically capable of delivering almost anything to anywhere on and off the water.

RCM also delivers goods to the ships along side the berth from the land side as another service.

Offshore transfers, crew change, surveyors, critical spares

Gladstone’s Outer anchorages have up to 30 ships at one time lining up for cargo and some of these ships can wait up to a month before a berthing schedule.

In that time the food supplies can run low, so RCM have specialized vessels can transport up to 4 ton of food to a ship in need. RCM also transfers crew members, ship Captains, Surveyors, engineers, technicians and anyone who may need to be on board for specific duties before berthing.

We can wait alongside while inspections are being carried out, and if the ship so desires we can take professional drone footage of their vessel if so required. RCM also have the ability to bring in critical spares, life rafts for servicing, and anything else that may require repair.

Biosecurity waste removal

International ship waste is collected by Gladstone Port Corporation whilst alongside mainland berths and treated before disposal.

While ships are at sea or alongside at Curtis Island LNG berths, RC Marine has the accreditation to pickup the waste which is double bagged into bio waste bins and lowered onto COLANDO, one of the approved RC Marine vessels, and transferred to shore where the Ports Corp pickup and dispose of.

RCM has the Bio Security containers to store for a maximum of 48 hrs if required and also bio security trained staff to deal with the waste matter which can come in many different forms, shapes and sizes.

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